Grandparents Day!!!

This Sunday is National Grandparents Day, so why not stop by Commencement Bay Cannabis and pick up something nice for those special Grandma and Grandpas in your life!

Cannabis can sometimes be a hard sell – especially to the more experienced generations, but there is good reason for people to be skeptical. It seemed like overnight, something that was once considered dangerous and destructive was suddenly considered safe and beneficial. It was like magic! One day “marijuana” was called “cannabis,” and everything was okay.

There is power in a name, but it’s not magic. Marijuana was a term that was created to demonize minorities and “educate” the public on the dangers of cannabis – which is why I try to avoid using it. Cannabis is the true name of the plant that has recently created a small cultural revolution around personal health and wellness. These names reference the same plant; however, they are names that come with very different meanings.

As a professional in the cannabis industry, part of my job is to help people reframe their understanding of cannabis. The goal is not to give someone a new narrative, but to explain cannabis in a way that empowers the consumer to make up their own mind about the plant. Offering the people that come through our doors the tools to navigate their options effectively is something we pride ourselves on at CBC. We are not doctors, but we can help you find something you will love using!

One product that has really helped transform ideas around cannabis are topical creams. Topicals offer the user a smoke-free option for finding the relief they are seeking, and they are also not designed to get the user high. Letting folks know that you don’t need to smoke or get high to enjoy the benefits cannabis is a great way to get people comfortable with the product. At CBC, we carry a wide variety of topicals. So, next time you are in, be sure to ask one of our knowledgeable budtenders about our topical products!

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