“They See Me Rollin’…”

Simple and iconic…there is just something special about a joint. The smoke tails from your hand – creating a visible aura of badassery as it swirls in the air around you. The flower glows and crackles with each drag – leading you to embrace its effect on the exhale. You just feel cool when you are smoking a joint. Unfortunately, joints have kind of been an afterthought in the legalized market. The main reason being that the quality is rarely there. A lot of pre-rolls taste like they were packed with whatever was left on the trimming room floor, run like they are trying to qualify for the Olympics, and are packaged in one of those god-awful plastic tubes. I don’t care how much oil was put in it to bump up the potency, if it tastes bad and is hard to smoke, I’m not interested. Thankfully, farms are starting to produce pre-rolls that offer quality as well as convenience, and that is a win for everyone!

Recently, one item that caught my attention were the Joy Sticks from Green Revolution. Firstly, everything is right about the packaging. A hard outside protects the product from being damaged, and a Bovida pack works to keep everything fresh. The box and insert also offer a ton of information about the product. They even included a box of matches just incase you are without a light. The cannabis is a blend of 5 or 6 strains from the growers in the Revolutionary Farmers Alliance, and the tip of each pre-roll is given a dot of oil and kief for good measure. They even taste great (terpene rich) and offer a nice effect – the true sign of a great pre-roll. To top it all off, these things burn great. I don’t know if it was their unique crutch and paper, but I’ve smoked through 3 packs now and I have yet to have one run!

So, if you find yourself in the market for a quality pre-roll, be sure to stop by and take a look at our impressive pre-roll selection. Our budtenders are always standing by to offer helpful suggestions to help you get where you want to go!

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