The Benefits of Tincture

A product that I see getting more and more traction is tincture. This kind of makes sense, as tincture was one of the most common ways to ingest cannabis before prohibition began. There are many reasons why tinctures were, and continue to be, a preferred method of consumption. Firstly, it is a smoke-free option. This means that the product is discrete, and it won’t leave you smelling like you just walked out of Hempfest. Second, tinctures can be created with specific cannabinoid and terpene profiles, and those compounds are able to be dosed out at specific quantities. This allows the producer to craft different cocktails of experience to meet the needs of the consumer. Lastly, tinctures are versatile in that they can be ingested sublingually or as an edible. As I mentioned in my previous post on edibles, edible highs are different than smoking highs, but tincture is unique in that it allows you to get the best of both worlds.

Tincture is normally ingested sublingually. A few drops under the tongue and the compounds are absorbed directly into your bloodstream through the capillaries in the mouth. This will produce an effect in about ten to fifteen minutes that mimics the high you would get from smoking, but tincture can also be taken as an edible. It takes longer to kick in; however, you get an extended effect as well as a more pronounced sensation in your body. All this to say, if you consume tincture both sublingually and as an edible, you can feel relief quickly as well as get a longer-lasting effect for later in the day. Just be sure not to go overboard! The last thing you want to do is take too much and be incapacitated. Thankfully, tinctures are also easy to dose out, so you can be confident in your ability to get just the right amount.

If you are interested in tinctures, be sure to check out our Staff Picks section, or ask one of our knowledgeable budtenders about all the different options we carry at CBC!


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“They See Me Rollin’…”

Simple and iconic…there is just something special about a joint. The smoke tails from your hand – creating a visible aura of badassery as it swirls in the air around you. The flower glows and crackles with each drag – leading you to embrace its effect on the exhale. You just feel cool when you are smoking a joint. Unfortunately, joints have kind of been an afterthought in the legalized market. The main reason being that the quality is rarely there. A lot of pre-rolls taste like they were packed with whatever was left on the trimming room floor, run like they are trying to qualify for the Olympics, and are packaged in one of those god-awful plastic tubes. I don’t care how much oil was put in it to bump up the potency, if it tastes bad and is hard to smoke, I’m not interested. Thankfully, farms are starting to produce pre-rolls that offer quality as well as convenience, and that is a win for everyone!

Recently, one item that caught my attention were the Joy Sticks from Green Revolution. Firstly, everything is right about the packaging. A hard outside protects the product from being damaged, and a Bovida pack works to keep everything fresh. The box and insert also offer a ton of information about the product. They even included a box of matches just incase you are without a light. The cannabis is a blend of 5 or 6 strains from the growers in the Revolutionary Farmers Alliance, and the tip of each pre-roll is given a dot of oil and kief for good measure. They even taste great (terpene rich) and offer a nice effect – the true sign of a great pre-roll. To top it all off, these things burn great. I don’t know if it was their unique crutch and paper, but I’ve smoked through 3 packs now and I have yet to have one run!

So, if you find yourself in the market for a quality pre-roll, be sure to stop by and take a look at our impressive pre-roll selection. Our budtenders are always standing by to offer helpful suggestions to help you get where you want to go!

Grandparents Day!!!

This Sunday is National Grandparents Day, so why not stop by Commencement Bay Cannabis and pick up something nice for those special Grandma and Grandpas in your life!

Cannabis can sometimes be a hard sell – especially to the more experienced generations, but there is good reason for people to be skeptical. It seemed like overnight, something that was once considered dangerous and destructive was suddenly considered safe and beneficial. It was like magic! One day “marijuana” was called “cannabis,” and everything was okay.

There is power in a name, but it’s not magic. Marijuana was a term that was created to demonize minorities and “educate” the public on the dangers of cannabis – which is why I try to avoid using it. Cannabis is the true name of the plant that has recently created a small cultural revolution around personal health and wellness. These names reference the same plant; however, they are names that come with very different meanings.

As a professional in the cannabis industry, part of my job is to help people reframe their understanding of cannabis. The goal is not to give someone a new narrative, but to explain cannabis in a way that empowers the consumer to make up their own mind about the plant. Offering the people that come through our doors the tools to navigate their options effectively is something we pride ourselves on at CBC. We are not doctors, but we can help you find something you will love using!

One product that has really helped transform ideas around cannabis are topical creams. Topicals offer the user a smoke-free option for finding the relief they are seeking, and they are also not designed to get the user high. Letting folks know that you don’t need to smoke or get high to enjoy the benefits cannabis is a great way to get people comfortable with the product. At CBC, we carry a wide variety of topicals. So, next time you are in, be sure to ask one of our knowledgeable budtenders about our topical products!

Fantasy Football: Draft Day Strain Guide

Just because blue cheese pairs well with your chicken wings doesn’t mean you should smoke a blue cheese strain before you start drafting. The last thing you want to do is smoke a strain that is going to leave you glued to the couch, desperately trying to stay awake – especially if you’re attending a draft party! Nothing like waking up from a quick power nap to find out you have auto-drafted 3 kickers.

There isn’t a strain that I can suggest that will bestow upon you the ability to ascend into fantasy sports glory; however, there are a few strains that will be more helpful than others. At the end of the day, your fantasy draft is supposed to be fun, but you also want to make sure you draft well enough so the rest of the season is fun too. So here are some strains that will have you feeling good as well as focused on fantasy domination.

  1. Super Silver Haze: Trying to win a championship? Why not pick up a strain that took home three consecutive High Times Magazine Cannabis Cups. Smells like sweet citrus and earth, and you can usually pick up some spice on the taste.
  2. Dutch Treat: A classic in the cannabis community. Dutch Treat calms the mind and uplifts the spirit. Designed to be a functional strain, Dutch Treat is great for when you need to relax AND get stuff done. Smells like sweet pine, herbs and eucalyptus.
  3. Jack Herer: Named after the “Hemperor” himself, Jack Herer offers the user loads of euphoria as well as the ability to concentrate. Another strain that was created for the user looking to keep their faculties, Jack Herer is super potent and extra sticky. Smells like earth and pine.
  4. Tangie: One of my all-time favorite strains. Tangie is a terp-forward strain that gives you an uplifting feeling without going overboard on the THC. It smells of sweet orange and citrus. Delicious!
  5. Space Queen: Happy, creative and just a little bit stony. Are you ultra-confident in your ability to draft a super team and don’t mind getting a little silly? Space Queen is for you. Smells like a fresh apple pie.
  6. AK-47: Super potent and complex, AK-47 is a gem in the world of cannabis. Known for being great for creative endeavors and happy thoughts, AK-47 also gives the consumer a little bit of everything when it comes to smell and taste – dank yet sweet.
  7. Cinex: Another functional strain, Cinex gives you the focus and energy you need to dominate your fantasy draft, and, if you don’t do so hot, it gives you the euphoria to make it all feel okay. Smells like a skunk sprayed a pile of sweet berries.
  8. Harlequin: Whether I’m smoking them straight or mixing them in with something else, CBD strains are my go-to for fantasy drafting. CBD mellows out the psychoactivity and increases the relaxation and longevity of the high – exactly what I’m looking for when drafting! Harlequin leaves you feeling bright and smells of earth, flowers and lemons.

So when you are looking to pick up a few products for your fantasy draft, be sure to talk to one of our knowledgeable budtenders about finding a strain that is right for you!

Gazing Into The Fire: Doc & Yeti Urban Farms

You would think after winning two Dope Cups for their flower in 2017, they’d want to bask in their achievement for a minute – not Doc & Yeti. Unwilling to rest on their laurels, Doc & Yeti went to work with Dungeon Vault Genetics to produce their latest masterpieces: Hot Rod and Citrus Farmer.

A cross between Motor Breath #15 and Grandpa’s Breath, Hot Rod brings the gas…in a good way. This Indica has a surprisingly sweet flavor and an effect that will keep your body relaxed and your mind uplifted. Citrus Farmer is a cross between Tangerine Skunk and Grandpa’s Breath, and you definitely get the Tangerine Skunk from the smell. Grandpa’s Breath adds a little sweetness but a lot of potency and body. This Indica is sure to make that couch extra comfortable.

This Friday (August 17th) from 3-7 pm, the people behind Doc & Yeti will be in the house! So if you are in the neighborhood, swing by and get a 20% discount on all things Doc & Yeti!

See you there!

Understanding Flower

It’s a Friday afternoon, and you come into CBC looking for an eighth of sativa flower to bring on your weekend camping trip. You let your budtender know what you want, and they bring you two options – one is $25 and the other is $50. This prompts two questions in your mind. What is the difference between the $25 eighth and the $50 eighth? Why would you buy the $50 eighth if you know the $25 eighth is higher in THC percentage? To help us answer these questions, we can use whisky as an analogy.

Most people understand there is more to whisky than the alcohol content. There would not be as many brands and price ranges if alcohol was the only thing that mattered; however, it is not common knowledge that there is more to cannabis than THC. Great whisky is pleasing to your senses. The flavor of the finished product is going to be smooth and rich. It is going to give off a bouquet of pleasing aromas. The bottle will be well designed and placed in a container to keep the light from degrading the product, and it will offer a pleasant effect. It takes a lot of time and effort to create great whisky, and it is the same for cannabis.

Great cannabis is the result of time and effort. The $50 eighth might be lower in THC; however, it is going to offer a larger variety of compounds (cannabinoids and terpenes) that will produce a more robust high and offer extended effects. The smoke will be smoother and taste better because it was properly cured, and it will probably come in a jar (instead of a bag) that was intended to keep the integrity of the flower intact. In short, when you buy expensive flower, you are paying for the compounds that are not THC. That sounds crazy, but the wonderful effects that are associated with the cannabis flower are the result of a cocktail of over 400 different compounds working together – The Entourage Effect. By itself, THC is about as enjoyable as a drink that is pure alcohol. It will produce a powerful effect, but it will never be as enjoyable as a cocktail.

So, if you are in the market for some quality cannabis flower, do not let the THC percentages fool you. Ask your budtender about the other parts of the plant that make cannabis so great!

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