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Changing the Narrative of Cannabis: Reflections

Many people in the cannabis community are celebrating the fact that Jeff Sessions was asked to step down from his position as Attorney General, and, while I agree this could be a great thing for the cannabis industry, it is also fair to say that we have no idea what this change will bring. What we can celebrate is that, once again, another political season brought with it more states voting to legalize cannabis in both medical and recreational markets! We are currently at a place where over half of the states in the union have legal cannabis of some kind – and it’s not close.

We have come a long way since the height of prohibition. To see just how far we have come, I like to revisit the old messages about cannabis that used to, and in some ways continue to, influence the public’s consciousness. So, if you have some free time, go ahead and give Reefer Madness a watch, and think about all the people that put their lives and careers on the line to help people move beyond this propaganda and get access to this wonderful plant. Change is coming slowly. Hopefully we are wise enough to bring about good changes!

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