Cash Payments Only.  ATMs are located on site.

Cash Payments Only.  ATMs are located on site.

Cash Payments Only.  ATMs are located on site.


Cash Payments Only.  ATMs are located on site.



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Embrace the Spirit of 710 Day

The time has come to honor yet another sacred day in the green world. Turn your attention to July 10th, also revered as 710 Day — a celebration recognized and cherished by cannabis consumers worldwide. Much like its well-celebrated counterpart, April 20th (420), 710 Day praises the diversity of the cannabis culture. Yet, it carries a unique twist: a profound exploration into the universe of cannabis concentrates. So, ready your vape pens, set up your dab rigs, and let’s surf this green wave in unison!

The Legacy of 710 Day

In the colorful panorama of cannabis culture, ‘710’ symbolizes the experience of savoring potent cannabis concentrates, including oil, wax, and shatter. These concentrates are celebrated for their heightened impact compared to traditional smoking methods. As concentrates garner more recognition, they’re inducing a seismic shift in the cannabis cosmos. Dab rigs and vape pens are now essentials for many cannabis lovers!

Wondering how ‘710 Day’ was birthed? The story unfolds in the early 2010s with hip-hop artist TaskRok. Picture an online dab session unfolding in a TinyChat chat room in 2010. TaskRok, along with several prominent figures in the cannabis sphere, were indulging in a lively exchange. They played around with the term “oil,” flipping it upside down to create “710.”

News of this revelation spread like wildfire. The first public discourse about 710 surfaced on TokeCity on July 10th, 2011. Not long after, Urban Dictionary chimed in with an extended definition. In 2012, ran a feature article about it. And by 2013, ‘710’ was highlighted in an LA Weekly piece. Thus, 710 carved its place in cannabis culture!

Celebrating International Dab Day

The festive essence of 710 Day revolves around exploring and appreciating cannabis in its concentrated form. Classic celebrations often involve consuming cannabis oil products by dabbing — using a dab rig to heat and inhale the concentrate. Vape pens, specifically designed for cannabis oils, also serve as faithful counterparts.

However, contemporary celebrations have expanded the scope. Consumption now encompasses infused pre-rolls, edibles derived from cannabis oil, and the beloved moon rocks! Many events that unite the cannabis community are also integral to the celebration. From National Dab Day to Oregon’s Camp Sesh and local dispensary festivities, organizations commemorate 710 Day with enthusiasm.

So, we’re here to provide a checklist for your International dab day necessities:

  • Dab rig: The centerpiece for your 710 Day festivities. Dab rigs are designed to optimize flavor and vapor production from cannabis concentrates.
  • Nail or E-nail: Every dab rig requires an attachment to heat your concentrates. Traditional nails are crafted from titanium, quartz, or ceramic and need a blow torch. E-nails allow temperature adjustments for peak flavor and effects.
  • Torch: To heat your nails, a reliable torch is indispensable.
  • Dabber: A metal dabber tool aids in positioning the concentrate on the nail or e-nail.
  • Carb Cap: A carb cap regulates airflow and helps to conserve concentrate by trapping the heat.
  • Vape pens: For those who value discretion and portability, a vape pen is perfect for enjoying cannabis oils unobtrusively.
  • Extracts/Concentrates: Discover the strain that resonates with you — wax, shatter, budder, resin, rosin, distillate or hash oil. Any of these cannabis derivatives can be utilized in a dab rig.

The rest is up to you to make your 710 Day celebrations uniquely yours!

Responsible Consumption is Key

710 Day is not just about revelry; it emphasizes respect for the potency of concentrates and promotes responsible consumption. Here are a few tips for safe and mindful dabbing:

  • Begin with small quantities: A small dab will suffice, and you can always go bigger if you need.
  • Invest in reliable equipment: High-quality products promise a superior dabbing experience.
  • Understand the effects: Concentrates can be potent, so know your limits and take it slow.
  • Choose strains wisely: High THC levels may induce intense psychoactive effects, so select a strain that aligns with your tolerance.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings: Ensure you’re in a secure, well-ventilated space, as dabbing in enclosed areas can pose risks.
  • Keep snacks and water handy: Beyond satisfying the munchies, snacks and water are essential to hydrate and nourish your body.

As you prepare for international dab day festivities, remember to understand the legal status of cannabis in your area. While cannabis legalization is spreading, staying within legal boundaries while enjoying your holiday is crucial.

Elevate Your 710 Day with Commencement Bay Cannabis

As the curtain falls on 710 Day, why not extend the green wave with Commencement Bay Cannabis Dispensary?

 Visit any of our Tacoma dispensary locations and explore an array of products designed to elevate your cannabis experience. Don’t miss out on 30% OFF on concentrates and carts and indoor vendors:

  • Trichome Extracts at our Green Store
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 Here’s to keeping the high vibes alive, responsibly and delightfully!

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