Pot Snobbery: Phenotypes

Cannabis is more than a product – it is a culture, and, like every culture, it employs a unique set of words and phrases that can be confusing to outsiders. Understanding the language of the cannabis culture is vital in bringing your cannabis knowledge to the next level. A word that consistently comes up when talking about cannabis is “phenotype.” Phenotype is a word used to describe a specific expression of a cannabis strain. To better understand this idea, let’s look to soda for some help.

There are many different types of soda – cola, root beer, lemon-lime, etc., and each type has multiple expressions. For example, if you wanted a cola, you could pick a Pepsi or a Coke. Both companies produce cola; however, they are slightly different expressions. Just like soda, there are many different types of cannabis – Dutch Treat, Blue Dream, etc., and each type has multiple expressions. Those different expressions are referred to as phenotypes. What this means is that the Dutch Treat from Doc & Yeti is going to be different in character and effect than the Dutch Treat from Phat Panda because each farm used different seeds to start their crop. Each seed carries unique genetics; therefore, each farm can produce a slightly different end-product. This is also why you can find Dutch Treat as an Indica or Sativa, or why you enjoy Dutch Treat from one grower and not the other.

So, when you are looking through the shelves at CBC, pay attention to the strain names, but also pay attention to who is growing your cannabis. Part of the fun of cannabis is finding new phenotypes to enjoy. Happy hunting!

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