Cash Payments Only.  ATMs are located on site.

Cash Payments Only.  ATMs are located on site.

Cash Payments Only.  ATMs are located on site.


Cash Payments Only.  ATMs are located on site.



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Dispensary Near Aurburn, WA

Commencement Bay Cannabis – Black – 15 min away

Commencement Bay Cannabis – Red – 16 min away

Commencement Bay Cannabis – Yellow – 16 min away

Commencement Bay Cannabis – Green – 23 min away

Things to Do in Auburn

  1. White River Valley Museum

  2. Soos Creek Botanical Garden

  3. Les Gove Park


If you’re looking for the best dispensary near Auburn, Commencement Bay Cannabis has four dispensaries just 15 to 23 minutes away from Auburn. Commencement Bay Cannabis is proud to serve our Puget Sound and Tacoma Communities, and we show our appreciation with the best quality, service, and value in Washington. Whether you’re from Auburn or just rolling through, the best experience in cannabis is always right next door at Commencement Bay. 

Auburn Dispensary

From day one, Commencement Bay Cannabis dispensary near Auburn has been committed to lifting people up. We provide unmatched opportunities and benefits for our staff and unparalleled quality, value, and service for our customers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-timer or an experienced cannabis user, Commencement Bay Cannabis has the right product just for you. Drop by anytime and enjoy the best cannabis products in Tacoma, Puget Sound, and Washington state.

Auburn Dispensary

Mindfully Curated Cannabis for a Balanced Life

At Commencement Bay Cannabis, quality is everything. We set the bar for dispensaries in Washington with the best cannabis and cannabis products from local farms and the national brands everyone loves. 

Commencement Bay Cannabis’s curated menu offers the best selection of sun-grown, greenhouse, and indoor craft cannabis. We also carry a diverse selection of products for every need and preference. From pre-rolls and edibles to vapes, concentrates, tinctures, and topicals, you will always find what you’re looking for at Commencement Bay Cannabis.

Explore the Best of Auburn, Washington

Auburn is located in the heart of Washington’s Green River Valley. Rich in history and cultural diversity, it bridges the bustling cities of Seattle and Tacoma. With a blend of urban convenience and natural beauty, the city is home to notable attractions like Emerald Downs and The Outlet Collection Seattle.

If you’re looking for something to do in Auburn, check out these Commencement Bay Cannabis Favorites:

1. White River Valley Museum

Located at 918 H St SE in Auburn, the White River Valley Museum deep dives into the history and culture of the region. It offers a rich tapestry of exhibits that explore the area’s Native American heritage, immigrant communities, and the evolution of its industries.

The Jealousy BX From Constellation is one of the hottest strains on the shelf and will definitely prime you for this journey through Auburn’s storied past.

2. Soos Creek Botanical Garden:

You’ll find The Soos Creek Botanical Garden at 29308 132nd Ave SE in Auburn. This horticultural gem showcases diverse plants and themed gardens, including a Heritage Garden with plants introduced before 1950. Seasonal blooms ensure that the gardens are vibrant throughout the year, and the well-marked paths and educational signage offer a tranquil and informative experience for all.

Pick up a preroll five pack of The GMO by Bohemi before you go on your nature walk at Soos Creek, and deepen your appreciation of this botanical wonder.

3. Les Gove Park:

Situated at 910 9th St SE, Les Gove Park is a testament to community spirit and outdoor recreation. This expansive 21-acre park offers a myriad of amenities, including a play area, a skate park, and walking trails. Additionally, the park is home to the Auburn Community & Event Center and the Auburn Library, making it a central hub for community gatherings and events.

The 1:1 CBD to THC Sour Watermelon Panda Candies by Hot Sugar are a great choice to stay Blazed and balanced while you do your thing at Les Gove Park. 

Visit Our Dispensary Near Auburn Today

If you’re in Auburn and you’re looking for cannabis, Commencement Bay Cannabis welcomes you to visit us online or shop at any one of our locations today. Commencement Bay Cannabis is your home away from home for the best cannabis products, services, and value in Washington.