Cash Payments Only.  ATMs are located on site.

Cash Payments Only.  ATMs are located on site.

Cash Payments Only.  ATMs are located on site.


Cash Payments Only.  ATMs are located on site.



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Dispensary Near Des Moines, WA

Commencement Bay Cannabis – Yellow – 26 min away

Commencement Bay Cannabis – Red – 27 min away

Commencement Bay Cannabis – Black – 27 min away

Commencement Bay Cannabis – Green – 34 min away

Things to Do in Des Moines

  1. Des Moines Marina and Boardwalk

  2. Saltwater State Park

  3. MaST Center Aquarium


If you’re looking for the best dispensary near Des Moines, Commencement Bay Cannabis has four dispensaries less than 30 minutes away. Whether you’re from Des Moines or just visiting, the best experience in cannabis is always right next door at Commencement Bay. Providing cannabis for our neighbors in Des Moines is a privilege. We’re grateful to serve our Puget Sound and Tacoma Communities, and we show it with the best quality, service, and value in Washington. 


Commencement Bay Cannabis has always been committed to helping people. We offer unmatched opportunities and benefits for our staff and unparalleled quality, value, and service for our customers. 

Des Moines Dispensary

Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced cannabis user, Commencement Bay Cannabis dispensary near Des Moines has the perfect product for your needs. Visit us today and enjoy the best cannabis products in Tacoma, Puget Sound, and Washington state.

Des Moines Dispensary

Mindfully Curated Cannabis for a Balanced Life

At Commencement Bay Cannabis, quality is the foundation of everything. We strive to set the standard for dispensaries in Washington with the highest quality cannabis and cannabis products from local farms and quality national brands that everyone loves.

Commencement Bay Cannabis takes time to curate our menu to ensure we offer the best selection of sun-grown, greenhouse, and indoor craft cannabis. We also carry a diverse selection of products for every need. From pre-rolls and edibles to vapes, concentrates, tinctures, and topicals, you will always find what you’re looking for at Commencement Bay Cannabis.

Explore the Best of Des Moines, Washington

Des Moines, Washington, is nestled on the eastern shores of the Puget Sound. This scenic city is celebrated for its maritime heritage and serene coastal beauty. Serving as a picturesque backdrop, the Des Moines Marina and Boardwalk bustle with activity. 

Steeped in rich history with landmarks such as the Zenith Holland Nursery, Des Moines seamlessly blends its maritime traditions with modern-day amenities while providing breathtaking views of the Sound, nearby islands, and the distant Olympic Mountains.

If you’re looking for something to do in Des Moines, check out these Commencement Bay Cannabis Favorites:

1. Des Moines Marina and Boardwalk

Located at 22307 Dock Ave S in Des Moines, the Des Moines Marina and Boardwalk offers a picturesque setting in the Puget Sound. Visitors can take leisurely strolls along the boardwalk, enjoying panoramic views of the Sound, the Olympic Mountains, and nearby islands. With numerous restaurants, public art installations, and the occasional farmer’s markets, the marina area is a hub for relaxation, entertainment, and community.

Runtz is one of our favorite strains at Commencement Bay Cannabis, and the 2 Pack of Runtz Prerolls from Fireline is the perfect companion for the epic views at Des Moines Marina and Boardwalk.

2. Saltwater State Park

Saltwater State Park is at 25205 8th Pl S in Des Moines. Covering 87 acres, this coastal haven provides diverse recreational activities. With over 1,400 feet of saltwater shoreline, it’s perfect for beachcombing and picnicking. The park also features an underwater artificial reef and is a popular spot for scuba divers. In addition, the park’s forested areas offer shaded trails for hiking and observing local wildlife.

We recommend the Blue Dream Vape by Airo brands for this seaside adventure. 

5. MaST Center Aquarium

You’ll find the MaST Center Aquarium at 28203 Redondo Beach Dr. S in Des Moines. Operated by Highline College, this facility boasts over 15 tanks, housing more than 250 species native to Puget Sound. Interactive displays, touch tanks, and informative exhibits give visitors a deeper understanding of local marine life. With its commitment to research, conservation, and education, the MaST Center offers a fascinating dive into the underwater world of the Pacific Northwest.

Since we’re going deep, try the Gelato Extract by Field Day to enhance your immersion in marine knowledge at MaST.