Edible Differences

When it comes to purchasing flower and oils, you are faced with a few choices. Most notably, you have the Indica or Sativa choice; however, when it comes to edibles, up until quite recently, your options had more to do with the type of food you wanted rather than the type of effect. Even though the vast majority of edibles are still nonspecific,we are now starting to see more edible companies produce products that can give an Indica or Sativa effect. What is responsible for this shift? Well, a few weeks ago, I had the privilege of visiting an incredible edible company that had the answer.

Botanica is probably most well-known for their production of Moxey’s Mints; however, they also produce other tasty product lines like Spot and Journeyman – their Journeyman Couch Potatoes won Best Savory Edible at this year’s Dope Cup! One of the main differences between these lines of edibles is that Spot offers Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid options whereas the Journeyman offers no categories. When I asked about this difference, they gave an answer that made perfect sense…the Journeyman line is infused with distillate, and the Spot line uses canna-butter.

When you consider what is responsible for cannabis’ range of effects, terpenes and cannabinoids are primary sources. Products like distillate may impress you with their THC percentages; however, they are often severely lacking in terpenes and other cannabinoids. This means a more intense psychoactive high, but it also means a shorter high with less variance in effect. Butter, on the other hand, holds onto more of the terpenes and cannabinoids when it is infused with cannabis; thus, producing a high with the possibility of going in many different directions. Infusing butter is more labor intensive than creating distillate; however, if you are looking for options in the effects of your edibles, there really is not a better option than buying a product made with canna-butter. Enjoy!

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