Understanding Flower

It’s a Friday afternoon, and you come into CBC looking for an eighth of sativa flower to bring on your weekend camping trip. You let your budtender know what you want, and they bring you two options – one is $25 and the other is $50. This prompts two questions in your mind. What is the difference between the $25 eighth and the $50 eighth? Why would you buy the $50 eighth if you know the $25 eighth is higher in THC percentage? To help us answer these questions, we can use whisky as an analogy.

Most people understand there is more to whisky than the alcohol content. There would not be as many brands and price ranges if alcohol was the only thing that mattered; however, it is not common knowledge that there is more to cannabis than THC. Great whisky is pleasing to your senses. The flavor of the finished product is going to be smooth and rich. It is going to give off a bouquet of pleasing aromas. The bottle will be well designed and placed in a container to keep the light from degrading the product, and it will offer a pleasant effect. It takes a lot of time and effort to create great whisky, and it is the same for cannabis.

Great cannabis is the result of time and effort. The $50 eighth might be lower in THC; however, it is going to offer a larger variety of compounds (cannabinoids and terpenes) that will produce a more robust high and offer extended effects. The smoke will be smoother and taste better because it was properly cured, and it will probably come in a jar (instead of a bag) that was intended to keep the integrity of the flower intact. In short, when you buy expensive flower, you are paying for the compounds that are not THC. That sounds crazy, but the wonderful effects that are associated with the cannabis flower are the result of a cocktail of over 400 different compounds working together – The Entourage Effect. By itself, THC is about as enjoyable as a drink that is pure alcohol. It will produce a powerful effect, but it will never be as enjoyable as a cocktail.

So, if you are in the market for some quality cannabis flower, do not let the THC percentages fool you. Ask your budtender about the other parts of the plant that make cannabis so great!

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